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Brighten up North Tyneside with The Great Paint Giveaway

Published 26/07/2017

Tynemouth Decorators in Newcastle - Free Paint

Tynemouth Decorators in Newcastle giving away free paint it can’t be true - but it is.

surplus-1.JPGDecorators in Newcastle and the North East go through hundreds of litres of paint a year, some of the paint doesn’t always get used up , the result a surplus of part full tins of perfectly good trade paint

Tynemouth decorators has reached an agreement with Dulux and Johnstone’s paints in Newcastle to create a one off event to supply free paint for people who may just need a helping hand out , Tynemouth decorators situated in North Tyneside has also added to this with over 50 tins of its own surplus paint

Dulux and Johnstone paints have agreed between them to supply us around 100 x 5 litre tins of miss tinted colours of paint , some of the paint retails at £30/40.00 per tin and this is a great gesture from two of the main suppliers of paint in the UK

Free Paint North Tyneside

We will be posting updates in due course on the location for the free supply of paint and how people can collect it, the location will be in North Tyneside and is geared towards low income families who might just need a helping hand ,

Our business is built on working class values, if we can help in any way we will , this was a perfect example of how we could, so why not use up all the spare tins of paint, and brighten up a few family homes along the way

Environment wise this also made perfect sense , stopping perfectly good tins of paint going to landfill can’t be a bad idea can it , helping us all to lower our carbon footprint.



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